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"Ben has been attending peak hockey for the past 5 years, he started as a Novice aged player and is now going into his last year of Bantam. The facility is excellent with very knowledgeable and friendly staff. The skating treadmill has been an excellent tool to isolate and correct the small things in a skating stride that you can't see on the ice in large group sessions. The Rapidshot is where he has seen the most growth as a player or parent is able to logon onto the Rapidshot online system and monitor progress. When Ben began on Rapidshot in Feb of 2014 he was shooting an average speed of 28.8 mph with a .835 second reaction time and around 40pts with a 4.6% accuracy rate. In his last peak session and after nearly 9,000 shots he is shooting with an avg speed of 54.8mph with a .473 second reaction time and 499 pts with a 66% accuracy rate. Determination and Hard Work + Peak = Progress

The Prairie Storm Bantam AA team recently attended its first of four team sessions where the Peak Staff are focusing on improving puck handling and shooting technique. The team was broken up into two groups where they were able to work in several stations with instruction. The key component in the first session was Todd's video analysis where the players shot is reviewed in slow-motion and adjustments are made towards improvement. Team sessions two and three with Peak will be focussed on practicing with the adjustments and in the fourth session we will again conduct a video analysis to track progress." - Troy

"My daughter has used the skating treadmill on numerous occasions since Peak opened in 2014. The treadmill provided her with feedback and an opportunity for correction to important skating fundamentals such as posture, balance and stride length and recovery that is difficult to duplicate on the ice. My daughter is now playing Midget AAA and continues to use the treadmill periodically during the year in order to reinforce good skating habits."        - Jeff

"The LND program at Peak Performance utilizes top notch training facilities to offer a great combination of on and off ice training and instruction. The program, which focuses on strength and skill development in a fun and competitive environment, has been very valuable in our sons hockey development. He always looks forward to his LND sessions with his instructors and friends and always leaves with the with a smile!" - Kirk 

"The shooting lanes at Peak Performance have helped my son develop the fundamentals of body positioning, weight transfer and accuracy with assistance from experienced hockey professionals. The dangle zone is an area where kids can be creative and develop their own unique skill set while being challenged through a variety of on ice replicated stick handling stations. Combining these training aids will improve accuracy, power, and timing while creating a more instinctive and patient player in game.  My son has been learning the game from the highest level of instructors and enjoying every moment of the experience at Peak Performance." - Chad

"I wanted to send a quick email indicating how truly impressed I am with the professionalism and quality of instruction my 10 year old son received at the July Stride and Acceleration Camp. For the past two summers we have struggled to find camps where the time was completely dedicated to improving skills and not overshadowed by games. I have also coached my son for the past five years and have worked with him continuously to move away from short, quick choppy strides and your organization was able to correct this in four short hours. I witnessed a stride in him that I would deem as close to perfect for a 10 year old and I attribute that all to the exceptional coaching and instructing that was provided. I have attached the video for you and please feel free to utilize it if you should desire. Again, thank you so much and I am very excited to see what he comes away with during the Atom Camp." - Derrick C., Moose Jaw, SK

"Just thought I would share a personal note with you guys. My son had a horrible season this past year. He actually asked to quit twice.  There was no skill development from the coaches. He really seemed to regress under these coaches.  Peak has seemed to reinvigorate his love for hockey. He has always enjoyed coming to you guys since day one. And with this defensive camp, he seems to love hockey again.  He's probably learned more in the last week then all last season."

"The Novice Prep Camp was well organized and run.  Good class size at 20-25 kids, drills were challenging for all skill levels, kids were always moving, not a lot of standing around.  The kids liked the instructors and understood they were there to try their best.  Ending practice with a fun drill was a good ending.  We enjoyed it!"  - Matt R.

"The Stride Camp had the right number of skaters and instructors for 1-1 coaching.  It focused on the element of an effective, explosive, hockey stride.  Money well spent." - Roger B.

"The Rapid Shot at Peak Performance has taken my shot to a new level. It forces me to use proper technique and improve my quickness in order to see results. At the same time, the amount of reps it provides builds shooting power resulting in an overall better shot." - Ryan MacMurchy (Ingolstadt, Germany, German Elite League)

"My stride has gotten longer from me skating on the treadmill." - Spencer Trapp (Notre Dame Hounds, SJHL)

"I am more confident in my shot and I am shooting from places I never would have before. Rapid Shot has made my release quicker and more accurate" - Jacob Cardiff (Spokane Chiefs, WHL)
"I have tried a lot of things to improve my shot but there is nothing as good as Rapid Shot." - Tim McGauley (Brandon Wheat Kings, WHL)
"My stride is more powerful from being on the mill" - Jacob Cardiff (Spokane Chiefs, WHL)

My husband and I are very impressed with the quality instruction that our son has received at Peak Performance.  Our son is six years old and we decided to book five sessions on the skating treadmill to help improve his stride as he tends to “run” on the ice.  We are very impressed with the one on one instruction that he receives while on the treadmill.   While he is on the treadmill, Todd assesses what he is doing and gives him strategies and works with him on what he needs to improve or change in order to be a more powerful skater.  After the session is over, he spends time with us and lets us know how he is doing and things he needs to work on.  We have already noticed a big improvement in his skating and that is only after five sessions.  We will definitely book more sessions for our son on the treadmill and look forward to using the other equipment that they offer.  You can’t beat the one on one instruction that Peak offers.   Carmel N

I was very impressed with Todd Liskowich's power skating sessions my son has participated in. Todd's attention to detail, his ability to diagnose and correct skating technique ‎allowed immediate improvements in my son's skating stride. As an instructor Todd's skill and passion for teaching power skating were evident and I am looking forward to Todd working with my son as he continues to develop as a player and athlete. - John H.

Knowledgeable staff that break down the mechanics of shooting and skating for all ages. 1 on 1 lesson allows the instructor to identify and fine tune weaknesses.  Hard to be that thorough with on ice group sessions. - Toby D.

We have been going to Peak since it opened.  The instructors have been excellent and knowledgeable.  Peak is a great place for players to work on their skills in an enjoyable environment. - Cory W.