PEAK Performance HockeyState of The Art Training Facility

Team Room

Peak’s Team Room is an 800 sq ft boardroom equipped with state-of-the-art technology including satellite TV, wireless internet and a Smart Board with the latest video analysis technology.

 With Smart Board technology, Peak instructors are able to study video, draw symbols, animate plays and possible outcomes, and add in voice notes. They can then record these drawings, symbols and animations for playback during team meetings. The instructors can pause, change, playback and fast forward through the video as needed. Smart Board technology also allows the instructors to record everything that has been done in the team meetings and give the files to the players to watch at their leisure on a number of portable electronic devices. 


Peak’s Team Room can host a variety of functions including team building, team game tape analysis, individual game tape analysis, coaching seminars, meetings, tournament headquarters and birthday parties.