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Skating Treadmill

The Treadmill is a tool that allows us to identify, isolate, correct and repeat areas of concern in a controlled environment which accelerates muscle memory and facilitates improvement in fundamentals.  Peak's X-80 TreadMill from Blazing Thunder Sports has been designed to assist players in developing a solid foundation by improving stride mechanics, strength, balance, neuromuscular coordination, mobility, agility and muscle memory to maximize overall athletic and game potential.

An adjustable safety bar allows for players of all ages to participate. It is a great tool for learn-to-skate ages to develop balance and edge control, or for experienced players to refine technique. Our treadmill is surrounded by a synthetic deck which allows for stick handling, passing, shooting in stride and multi-tasking.

It is important to note that nothing will replace specific on-ice training, but the skating treadmill offers players an excellent opportunity to get multiple repetions of a skating specific skill in a controlled, focused environment.

Some of the benefits include:

  • stride mechanics isolation and training
  • immediate feedback/analysis (mirrors for visual learning)
  • inside/outside edge work
  • improve body balance
  • improve glide platform
  • dynamic sprint speed improvement
  • improve leg and core strength
  • master crossovers and explossive starts