PEAK Performance HockeyState of The Art Training Facility


Peak's RapidShot machine is THE ONLY MACHINE OF IT'S KIND IN NORTH AMERICA!!  The only other identical machine is located in the Czech Republic.  Also, only 3 NHL teams have (an older version) of the RapidShot machine - Toronto, Vancouver and Buffalo - and the Penguins will be getting one soon. Peak Performance Hockey truly is a STATE-OF-THE ART HOCKEY TRAINING FACILITY right here in Regina!!

RapidShot hockey training system is a sport specific training system with technology centered on repetition and feedback. The system automatically passes and collects pucks. Players catch passes and shoot at targets while RapidShot records reaction time, accuracy and speed. It allows players and coaches to analyze fundamental techniques specific to hockey. RapidShot's World Rankings Database promotes competition and ranks scores among players in individual age groups. 

RapidShot is an indispensable training tool for every hockey player - professional NHLers, junior athletes, and minor hockey participants - who want to go from good to better and from better to best.

Off-ice training on RapidShot is a great complement to on-ice practice. It allows players to get valuable practice time in an environment that measures performance, delivers feedback and develops proper skills. Players have the option to shoot in their skates, which helps simulate on-ice situations.

RapidShot provides an unparalleled passing rate. Receiving up to 800 passes per hour allows players to develop a "feel for the puck". The evaluation of each shot allows for real time assessment and correction if necessary. 

RapidShot records all sessions and allows the player to view their results on the RapidShot website. They can monitor their results through a progress report which breaks down their reaction time, accuracy, and speed.

RapidShot allows players to learn the best technique by providing immediate feedback and the maximum rate of repetition within the shortest period of time. Players can learn to optimize their puck speed, without sacrificing reaction time or accuracy.


The Pro Model at Peak Performance Hockey is 32'8" long 12'6" wide and 9'2" feet high and features:

                                    Dual Sided Passing Machines

                                    Automated Puck collection

                                    Synthetic Ice Flooring for Skate Use

                                    Full Polycarbonate Enclosure