PEAK Performance HockeyState of The Art Training Facility


Speed and strength are important components of fitness found in almost all athletic movements. This combination of speed and strength is power. For many years, coaches and athletes have sought to improve power in order to enhance performance. In recent years, this distinct method of training for power or explosiveness has been termed plyometrics.

Plyometrics -- also known as jump training -- is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. The movement you perform in training should match, as closely as possible, the movements encountered during competition.  Because plyometric exercises mimic the motions used in sports such as hockey, football, basketball, skiing, and boxing, plyometric training is often used to condition professional and amateur athletes.

Peak’s Plyometric Training Area is over 700 sq ft, fully furnished with all the equipment needed to focus on plyometrics.  Peak’s equipment includes a Russian box, jump boxes, agility hurdles, ladders, medicine balls, and balance boards.